Our Values

Karen (Mama Dragon) and Kit (Baby Dragon)

At Sleepy Dragon Workshop, we’re inspired by fantasy, sci-fi, and nature. We are of course very fond of dragons, so you’ll see a lot of those. But you’re also likely to see a variety of other mythical beings!

Our values are important to us, and guide our designs, our finished objects, our pattern support, and our Dragon Horde community.

  • Helpfulness ~ Patience ~ Understanding
  • Encouraging ~ Cheerleading ~ Supporting
  • Learning ~ Teaching ~ Equipping
  • Uniqueness ~ One-of-a-Kind ~ Individual Strengths
  • Community ~ Better Together ~ Diversity

Our patterns are written with the adventurous beginner in mind. We include all of those little tips and tricks that patterns generally assume everyone already knows. If you are a more experienced knitter, feel free to skip over the basic instructions. Our utmost desire is that anyone who purchases a pattern from us enjoys the entire process from beginning to end, and treasures the finished object. Please contact us if you have problems working any of our patterns, or find an error.

If you would like to volunteer to be a test knitter or test crocheter for new pattern releases, join the Ravelry group and ask to be put on the earburn list(s)!


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