Tipper the Finger Puppet


Welcome to Sleepy Dragon Workshop!  We’ll be posting all of our current creative projects, and some that we’ve done in the past.  Over the next few weeks, you’ll get a chance to know us, and hopefully we’ll spark some creativity.

What you’ll see from SDW is just a little bit of everything.  Just about any artistic or crafty project, in just about any media, with a variety of themes.  For instance, Baby Dragon most likes sketching, painting, theatrical makeup, but she’s interested in lots of other things too.  Mama Dragon likes knitting, sewing, and papercrafting, but you might see an occasional sketch from her as well.  We both love fantasy themed projects best (especially dragons, of course!), but we also like sci-fi and pretty much everything to do with nature. We’re gonna try to make good use of the tags to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, but don’t let that limit you.  Try stepping out of your comfort zone; that’s what we’re doing!

From time to time, we’ll post a project we’re working on that will be for sale.  For knitting/crochet patterns, you’ll get them from an awesome fiber crafting website called Ravelry. In fact, you can click on Tipper’s picture at the top of this post and it’ll take you to Ravelry where you can download the knitting pattern for free! (It’s Mama Dragon’s first posted pattern) For pretty much everything else, it will be available in our Etsy store (coming soon).  As so many things in life, this blog will be a work in progress.  So we’d really love your input: let us know if you like (or don’t like) something we’re working on, or if it triggered your imagination and made you think “Hey, you should try making THIS next!”  Please also share if something we made inspired you to make something of your own.

Stay tuned as we introduce ourselves and start to add photos of our past and current creations!

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